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Jerôme Sepval
Signalisation parking

Responsable département Systèmes de Signalisation Parking


Housings Standard or Specific Furniture and Displays

Parking entrance boxes are a standard. They are both the latest milestone in the signal chain that has led the motorist so far, and at the same time the very first sign in the parking lot. Often, a dynamic insert is integrated to prevent occupancy of the car park: number of spaces available, FREE or FULL or CLOSED or CLOSED ACCESS or PROHIBITED ACCESS.

Caisson 700x250 Afficheur 125mm

Single-sided lacquered aluminum profile 700 x250mm.Front face in 3mm colorless anti-reflective polymethacrylate methyl.Rear panel in 30/10 aluminum with fixing rails.Variable message display 125mm high 2 LEDs per 7-character amber point.LEDs30 ° 2750 mcd.Management termina...
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