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Corinne Peres

Assistant in "Parking Systems Signalling" Department

Sylvain Mesiano

Sales Engineer

With more than 10 years of technical experience through design and project management as an industrial electronics engineer, Sylvain got involved in the TTS sales team.
His technical expertise is now oriented to the service of customer relations. He orchestrates your requests and our solutions under the best conditions.
Conscientious, persevering and having a taste for a job well done, he will make a point of satisfying you with the best responsiveness.

Sébastien Grenier

Sales Engineer

After more than 20 years of experience in parking environment and complex project's management, Sébastien joined the TTS team in 2020 with the aim of becoming the privileged and direct contact for our  parking division's clients. A keen sense of listening, the desire to establish lasting relationships, with the aim to find  the most suitable solutions for your projects, are all qualities brought forward with a single goal: customer's satisfaction. 

Corinne Peres

Assistant in "Parking Systems Signalling" Department

Corinne is your first contact with our sales department dedicated to parking activities. She provides the interface between customers, sales representatives and internal services, in order to be able to efficiently communicate all the information relating to your requests: quotes, documentation, orders, deadlines, invoices, etc.


Pierre-Olivier Billy

Head of Technical Department

«Write the problem on paper, turn the key and it works»
With over 15 years of experience, Pierre Olivier manages the Engineering & Design Department.

He is often asked to offer "turnkey" solutions in response to significant tenders. More and more, his interlocutors want custom solutions and unique assemblies.
Pierre Olivier is an enthusiastic person and it's on a daily basis that he raises that kind of technological challenges linked to intelligent transportation systems.


Oliver Gesbaud

Graphiste Manager

After joining the TTS team in 2010, Oiver now leads the graphics production team transversality with our full departments.
Responsive, creative, he has a perfect knowledge of the graphic chain, he involve in all areas of graphic production, from the production of models to the design of sets for our various activities.


Ahmed Aitbaha

After-Sales Service Manager

TTS after-sales service manage, Ahmed leads a team of technicians and relies on a network of perfectly selected subcontractors. Constantly trained in our techniques, our service providers are able to intervene as quickly as possible on all types of equipment.

Before each delivery, Ahmed directs the workshop tests, coordinates the installation and commissioning of our configurations.
Available, Ahmed deploys the means for each situation. Listening, he also contributes to the evolution of our products. For Ahmed, "Ensuring quality after-sales service means ensuring total customer satisfaction".

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