contact General Sales Conditionscontact General Sales Conditions
Section 1 - General points
  • The present sales conditions apply to all our sales except for public contracts and sales to local authorities, which, due to their nature or measures that are in force, are the subject of specific conditions.

Section 2 - Orders
  • All orders must be confirmed in writing (letter, email or fax). Confirmed orders cannot be subsequently modified. Any later modification will be invoiced as an addition. Duly recorded orders can only be cancelled with our written agreement.

Section 3 - Prices - Lead-times and delivery
  • Our reference prices are set each year in our catalogue.
  • Our lead-times are given for indication only. Delays which might occur will not give rise to any indemnity on our part, nor will they be the motive to refuse goods.
  • Unless otherwise stated, our tariffs are excluding departure taxes, packaging and transport invoiced as additions. Goods are dispatched in accordance with the standard conditions of the transport service providers. Urgent or special deliveries are to be the subject of a specific agreement and the purchaser will be invoiced for these as an additional service.
  • Our goods, even those dispatched «free», whether delivered by ourselves or third parties, always travel at the risk and peril of the receiving party to whom they belong. In the event of apparent defects or missing items, make all necessary observations, check the consignments on arrival and if necessary take recourse against the transport service provider who alone has responsibility.
  • As a result, the consignee must, at the time of acceptance, check the products and formulate precisely on the carrier’s voucher any defects or deficiencies found and, if necessary, refuse the goods. Any unspecified reserves such as «Subject to unpacking, damaged boxes, or damaged goods» will not be accepted. The recipient must also confirm by registered mail these reservations to the carrier no later than 48 business hours after receipt of the goods, and send a copy of this letter to: Traffic Technologie Système, Quality Department, ZI 1 avenue 2ème Rue BP594 06516 Carros Cedex, recalling the references on the delivery note.

Section 4 - Conditions for settlement
  • For all our «account» client, the payment deadlines are set at 45 days from the invoicing date.
  • No discount for early payment.
  • During the completion of an order or contract, we reserve the right to demand any guarantee of payment in the event of new information about the situation of our client being brought to our attention (non-payment by due date to ourselves or to a third party, negative opinion following an examination of financial documentation etc.).
  • All sales to clients without an account with us are payable with the order.

Section 5 - Penalties
  • Late payment interest equal to the official lending rate plus 7 points will be applied as a penalty once the due payment date has passed. This will apply to the full amount remaining due.
  • In the event of failure to pay on one or more of the due instalments, bills of exchange, promissory notes, the other instalments will become immediately payable, even if they have given rise to bills of exchange.
  • One-off indemnity for recovery costs 40 € (ART D441-5 of the French Commercial Code)

Section 6 - Warranty

  • Before installation or use, the delivered product must be stored in their original packaging under cover, protected from water or humidity, corrosive products, excessive heat or cold temperatures.
  • Our clients expressly agree to scrupulously follow the advice for use provided for each type of product in our catalogue. We will not accept any responsibility and will not implement any warranty in the event of the advice for use not being followed.
  • The warranty commences on the day of delivery. Equipment must be returned carriage paid, with all references relating to the fault as well as the invoice number. The re-dispatch of equipment after repair is made carriage-paid for equipment under warranty. The warranty ceases to be applicable if the equipment has undergone any non-authorised intervention, or if elements disturb the normal operation of the equipment.
  • The standard warranty is for 12 months.
  • Our warranty is strictly limited to the replacement of equipment deemed to be defective.

Section 7 - Retention of title

  • Products are sold with retention of title.
  • The seller retains title to the products until the payment of the purchase price made effectively and in full by the purchaser. In the event of default of payment at the due date, the seller may reclaim the products and cancel the sale. Cheques and bills of exchange are only considered to be payments once they have been effectively deposited. Until that time the retention of title clause is to apply in full. These arrangements are not to be an obstacle to the transfer, on delivery, of the risk to the products that are sold. The purchaser agrees not to transform or incorporate the said products or re-sell them, or use them as collateral, until the purchase price is paid in full, on pain of immediate reclamation of the products by the seller.

Section 8 - Derogations

  • No derogation to the general sales conditions may be made without written confirmation on our company's headed paper.

Section 9 - Disputes

  • All disputes relating to our sales, even in the case of warranty related claims or multiple defendants, are to come under the exclusive competence of the French Commercial Court within whose jurisdiction the registered office of Trafic Technologie System falls. 

Section 10 - EEE
  • The unique identifier FR025658_05T0SA attesting to registration in the register of producers in the EEE sector, in accordance with section L.541-10-13 of the Environmental Code, has been awarded by the ADEME to the company TTS ( Siret: 398 379 214 00065). This identifier certifies its conformity with regard to its registration requirement in the register of producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment and the declaration of its product market launch to ecosystem.
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