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Remo Chiavelli

General Director

«Excellence is every day's work and is not achieved by chance »
It is common kowledge that to exist in a competitive world market we need to know how to impose our differences.
At TTS, we were able to go beyond the "mere" technical, industrial and normative aspects of our knowhow. The problematic and objectives of our clients are at the centre of our concerns, and our staff ambition is to satisfy you and meet your expectations.
To constantly  meet this challenge, we focus our development strategy on two key points :

The strength of TTS human capital, where each employee's mission is to invest itself and propose solutions. Our team responds to each request in a unique and customized way. At all levels, regardless of the department, our company is diverse, rich in personalities, skills and experiences.

Reliabiliy and reputation of our products on the market are today fully recognized. We constantly aim to maintain this level of requirement, where innovation takes all its place.

World is changing, TTS innovates.

Yannick Chiavelli

Head of sales

" TTS, I fell inside when I was a child. " 
The company I saw it being born and I witnessed its growth. From the Test and After-Sales service, to the Head of Production, through to logistics, I crossed all the layers of the company. 
Today I am responsible for the " On-board systems, Temporary and Permanent Signalling” department, with a dynamic commercial, technical,  logistic and industrial team behing me. Our goal  is to be attentive to our customers requests, to be a force of proposal, and to offertheir the products and services that best meet our customers’ needs. “


Stéphane Checcaroni

Head of "Intelligent Transport Systems" Department

«The architect of your projects and your security. »
Working for TTS since 1998,  manager for the dynamic and intelligent transport systems department, he defines itself as "the architect of your projects".

Responsive, inventive and passionate, Stéphane, among other missions has to manage specific requests and their problematic. "Finding relevant solutions is my daily challenge"
In negociation, Stéphane deploys all its range of expertise to optimize budgets and streamline costs.
Experienced and innovative, Stéphane is your contact  to help you with your projets.

Jerôme Sepval

Head of "Parking Systems Signalling" Department

Trained as a Methods and Production Engineer, Jérôme joined our team at the start of 2007. The creation and commissioning of a tailor-made ERP for our parking activity was his first success within our team. Attentive, organized and fully invested in his mission, Jérôme, now head of the Parking Signaling Systems department, acts as a real metronome, leads the production team, sets up the tools and procedures intended to organize, rationalize and optimize production , while improving performance, technicality and quality. With his teams and our suppliers, Jérôme ensures that your projects are carried out at the best cost, on time and in full compliance.

Maxime Chiavelli

Head of TTS DISPLAY department

Well experienced in the functioning of all our services, I have a perfect knowledge of the procedures for each department of our industrial activities.
Multi-skilled, I am active in the logistics, purchasing, sales and after sales department.
I therefore contribute daily to a smooth running of the company, and especially for the Display activity.

Grégoire Doisne

Head of Sustainable Mobility Department

After several years in the mobility and renewable energy sector, I have the chance to join the TTS team, to develop and promote solutions and systems dedicated to sustainable mobility, through a wide range of products.
My double cap as an engineer in mechanical design , as well as my commercial experiences throughout my career, make me a multi-skilled contact, able to accompany you, and define together the optimal solution.
My goal, to be focused on your project, while fully realizing mine: «actively participate in a subject of the future that is dear to my heart, ecomobility».


Sandrine Burzynski

Sales Representative in "Intelligent Transport Systems" Department

«Propose specific solutions and remain responsive»
After succeeding in Business studies, Sandrine joined the TTS team in 2001. Sales assistant in the dynamic and intelligent transport systems department, she manages a large portfolio of customers.

Perfectly bilingual French-English, Sandrine is our representative for our international contacts.

She perfectly knows her department and her sector of activity. Versatile and available, she is able to step in all operational marketing and sales areas : "my daily business is exciting, I love to find solutions, manage individual cases and be force of proposal".


Florence  Fortet

Sales Representative in "Temporary, on-board and permanent signals" Department

« I love my job, I love my customers »
Working for TTS since 2001, Florence is passionate about her job. Sales assistant for road work security and vehicles signalling equipement , she is your contact if you are a rental company or a retailer.

Florence always offers solutions, and assist  her customers who have special requirements.

Much more than just being your sales contact, Florence wishes to put in place real professional relationships with her customers, with mutual trust, and availability for your satisfaction.



Julien Chiavelli

Logisitics Manager



Pierre-Olivier Billy

Head of technical Department

«Write the problem on paper, turn the key and it works»
With over 15 years of experience, Pierre Olivier manages the Engineering & Design Department.

He is often asked to offer "turnkey" solutions in response to significant tenders. More and more, his interlocutors want custom solutions and unique assemblies.
Pierre Olivier is an enthusiastic person and it's on a daily basis that he raises that kind of technological challenges linked to intelligent transportation systems.


Emmanuel Gros

Computer Manager

« Each project is a new challenge. »
Since 2001, Emmanuel is our IT developer, the maker of all our softwares that drive our information panels.
This "TTS Bill Gates" knows how to find software solutions and adapt to your special requests.

Network administrator, hotline customer service contact, he is versatile and carefully follows computer and technical improvements.
His business is a passion and each problem is a new challenge that needs to be solved.




After-Sales Service Manager


Christophe Redouane

Temporay traffic light After Sales services

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