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Nadia Toudert

Sales Representative in "Parking Systems Signalling" Department

Research Department

Standard... Custom

From the outset, we have designed and produced parking signage furniture. To achieve this objective, we are at your side to accompany you on-site to find suitable  solutions. Active from the taking of the survey, to the installation of the equipment, and through all the stages that accompany the completion of a project :

Formulation of a suitable commercial proposal / Design office design/Supply / Industrialisation/Shipping / Installation/Maintenance.


Mechanics, Electronics, IT

Made up of a team of engineers and technicians in mechanics, electronics and computer science, our design office benefits from the skills of the talents that keep its dynamic alive.

This is the number one strength of our company, underlying all our projects, both nurtured by experience and expertise but resolutely turned towards the future. In order to keep alive the credo of our company, which is always focused on you: «Adapting to your needs».


Graphical specifications design

Do you have graphical specifications? Our graphic designers implement them by adapting them, if necessary, to the specificities of the site.

Otherwise, TTS offers you the creation of a visual identity in your image. From the choice of colours to fonts, we accompany and advise you in the respect of the standards relating to private or public car parks.


Installation service

TTS Parking works in collaboration with regional partners to ensure the installation of your equipment anywhere in France, whatever the constraints (massifs, use of cherry-pickers and crane trucks...).
We offer a local service with high-quality deliveries, for improved responsiveness and reasonable costs.

Optional maintenance

Achieving your projects is our goal. But taking care of it once the installation is in place is a duty to which we hold dear.
Our TTS technicians visit your sites and equipment once or twice a year.
They are used for the cleaning of surfaces during LED relamping operations, damage inventories... all replaceable at special rates.
After their interventions, a detailed and complete report is given to you.

After-sales service

Our after-sales service offers you a curative aspect in our maintenance contracts: Just phone our team (confirming by fax or e-mail), and our teams will come out to you within 72 working hours to diagnose the following breakdowns:
• Failure or malfunction of your dynamic or static signage.
• Replacement of defective parts.
• Transition of your illuminated signs into LEDs…
• Servicing and maintenance contract for signs

This local service is not bound by a contract. The services are invoiced on the basis of unit prices (travel price list, hours spent by technician(s) and spare parts), which we offer at special rates taking into account travel, work hours and changes in rates.