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03/05/2021 - TTS equips the town of Montrevel en Bresse with its user information systems and supervision of blue parking zones

TTS equips LIDL supermarkets throughout France with static and dynamic signs.
We were able to respond positively to LIDL's choices by producing specific dynamic parking signage with very large format displays 400mm and even 800mm high. These imposing displays are fitted to pole-mounted staking sets, pediments, flags and caissons. Visible from a great distance, this dedicated dynamic signage is used to relay the count of available places and to guide visitors with great efficiency as soon as they arrive on site. Our range of specific parking signage products dedicated to shopping centers is available on the rest of the motorists' route with aisle totems fitted with trichrome displays, backlit parking signage panels made with perforated aluminum faces, giving a particularly neat style to the sets. Signage oriented towards pedestrians is also structured by this type of backlit boxes and by static signage.
Beautiful projects already carried out and many more to come.



03/05/2021 - TTS equips the town of Montrevel en Bresse with its user information systems and supervision of blue parking zones

The town of Montrevel en Bresse wanted to revitalize its city center by facilitating accessibility to local shops and avoiding unauthorized parking. For this it was essential that the blue zones be accessible with a clearly indicated parking offer, an optimal rotation of vehicles while allowing real supervision of the parking spaces.

The Société Publique Locale du Bassin de Bourg en Bresse has chosen TTS to install a series of equipment adapted to its needs, ranging from a simple static staking sign indicating the available parking spaces, to dynamic staking out energy autonomous via our solar power supply system.
The hundred or so spaces in the blue zones are now equipped with our detection solutions in urban areas. These sensors are connected to the heart of the visiopark maze system which allows both the supervision of all spaces and the relaying of information to dynamic panels allowing users to easily find a free parking space among the different blue zones of the city.

06/01/2021 - TTS equips all dynamic signage for the Arles shopping center: Frey Shopping Promenade.

Parking spaces are strategic places for a shopping complex. Entry and exit points for visitors, these parking spaces and pedestrian traffic must be perfectly marked out. For motorists, so as to allow them to find a free space as quickly as possible in a chosen sector, then to reach the right exit with ease. Signage is also valuable for pedestrians, since it must guide them to find their parking space easily.

Reception totems, staking sets and aisle totems therefore all work together in their own way, with a single objective, to make the flow of visitors by car and on foot as smooth as possible, guarantee an optimal rotation rate of places and ensure a positive for visitors. As the various car parks are equipped with a camera-based space counting system, our dynamic sets include two-color displays to indicate free spaces to motorists, or on the contrary to indicate saturated areas.

Access the dedicated site here.


07/21/2020 - Parking signage for a major technological site: a perfect illustration of our offers for "Active" areas.

Concrete case, EDF entrusted us with the construction of the staking out of the car parks of the Bugey nuclear power plant in Ain. The establishment of staking followed a logic similar to that deployed for a municipality. Thus, upstream of the site, large open-back SD3 type panels fitted with H160 displays with 4 LEDs per point, allow the various car parks to be announced and the directions to be anticipated. More at the heart of the complex, square corner staking sets from our PREMIUM range of mechanics and equipped with H125 displays with two leds per point, guide the motorist to the parking lot that corresponds to him.
The assembly is controlled by a wired or 4G communication system depending on the installation area and the assembly is controlled and managed by our DEDALE supervisor.

In order to comply with the security constraints of a sensitive technological site, DEDALE allows operation in total independence from the plant's computer network.
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Stickers, bâches et signalisation statique
TTS vous propose toute une gamme de stickers, bâches, panneaux PVC aux visuels neutres ou adaptés à votre charte graphique, afin de rappeler les règles de distanciation sociales aux usagers.

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Caissons avec afficheurs matriciels
Avec nos afficheurs trichromes matriciels, rappelez les règles de distanciation social au droit des caisses dans vos parkings.


Poteaux de cheminement
Nos poteaux de cheminement permettent de baliser une zone de cheminement ou d’attente avec rubalise 80 mm et signalétique associée. Adaptés pour recevoir des options (distributeur hydroalcoolique / flèche directionnelle / panneau d’information).


Distributeurs hydroalcooliques - sans contact
Avec sa detection infrarouge, ce distributeur de gel hydroalcoolique s’utilise sans contact. Il prend place sans problème dans vos zones de balisage, monté sur un poteau de cheminement.


Signalétiques de cheminement
La solution optimale pour informer et baliser avec précision une zone de cheminement. Le support pour panneau d’information peut avoir une forme rectangulaire ou alors être découpé à votre demande dans le format 400 x 250 mm.

05/03/2019 - Val d'Isère s'est équipé avec nos panneaux de parking à technologie fullcolor...

Depuis plus d’un an, La Station de Val D’Isère est équipée de nos panneaux de jalonnement à technologie Full Color, démontrant ainsi sa robustesse dans cet environnement sévère (Rigueur de l’hiver et forte chaleur de l’été).

Animé par une volonté de créer des produits porteur d’une esthétique supérieur et la satisafaction de nos clients, nous avons su trouver les solutions techniques permettant d’habiller la mécanique de notre mobilier avec une peinture époxy à effet bois, parfaitement adaptée à l‘environnement.

Chaque panneau digital présente un affichage dynamique  particulier vers les différents parkings de la ville, gérés par la société SAGS.
Notre logiciel centralise les informations de comptage et pilote l’affichage. La gestion de scénario intégré permet de faire évoluer dynamiquement l’affichage de façon circonstancié. Ainsi, en cas de saturation d’un parking, les usagers sont automatiquement réorientés vers un parking disponible.

Notre logiciel permet également l’affichage de contenus de communication image ou vidéo, y compris dans des zones d’affichage précises (multizone), permettant ainsi d’afficher des contenus mixtes (parking et communication).

Retrouvez toutes les informations relatives au stationnement pour la ville de Val d’Isère en cliquant ici.

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