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Florence Fortet
Signalisation des chantiers, des vehicules

Attachée commerciale département Signalisation chantier, véhicule et permanent


Technical specifications
• VMS: new generation energy-saving displays, choice of various sizes H160, 200, 250 mm (4 to5 LEDs per point) from 8 to 12 characters.

• Automatic luminosity switch-over by Day-Night cell.

• FLU type KR43: 23 optics of diameter 200 mm with 80 LEDs, protected by polycarbonate lens.

• Lifting using electrically operated cylinder with built-in end-of-travel sensor.

• Standard RAL paint finish of choice

• Latest generation ALTO control panel with update via USB key.

• Options available on request (rotating light, spotlight, reversing camera, anemometer etc.).

Safety auxiliaries available as options :
A wide range of additional accessories allowing you to create equipment that fully meets your requirements: Beacons, spotlights, anemometer, rearview camera, siren etc.
Please contact us to configure your on-board equipment.
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