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Bianca Vamvu

Sales Representative in "temporary, on-board and permanent signals" Department
This variable message sign on-board a trailer is equipped with high light intensity LED displays. Created to provide temporary mobile signalling on roads and motorways, they provide road users with information on traffic conditions.
Self-braking chassis / single axle 750 kg (Towable weight 830 kg) made of galvanised steel / manual stabilisers / parking brake / adjustable draw-bar.

1, 2, 3 or 4 lines of 12 characters.
Characters Hc200-4, matrix 7 x 5 / 4 yellow LEDs per point /Red and White chevrons class 2.

Simplified controls:
In local mode messages are selected using the ALTO 4.3" control panel. 
In remote mode, communication using GSM network, radio etc.
Automatic luminosity management.

Programming using a laptop PC / software provided on CD ROM. No connecting cable between the PC and the trailer. Messages updated via the USB key.
Access code to ensure security of your message programming.

Modular design:
Generator set / charger for 12V battery / electrically operated stabilisers / inertial braking / GSM modem.

Batteries / charger for 12 V batteries / mains lead reel / generator set available as option.

Single axle trailer 750 kg

Ref : 32775
Single axle trailer, 4 lines of 12 characters, character height 200 mm, 4 LEDs per point.