Bianca Vamvu

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VMS Trailers

This variable message sign on-board a trailer is equipped with high light intensity LED displays. Created to provide temporary mobile signaling on roads and motorways, they provide road users with information on traffic conditions.

Selectable power supply

The electrical modularity of the VMS trailer allows it to be powered by different energy sources : batteries, 230 V, generator, solar energy.

Galvanised 750 kg chassis :

The 750 kg chassis made entirely of galvanised steel can be towed by a light vehicle with no special licence required. It is equipped as standard with an adjustable height drawbar and a self-braking system.

Towable by a light vehicle without a specific license.


automatic braking system integrated into the trailer


Adjustable Drawbar


100% LED technology:

200 mm H displays composed of a 7x5 matrix with 3 LEDs per pixel, for a total of 105 high brightness 5 mm yellow SMD LEDs. This light element is integrated into a one-piece box made of mechanically welded TTS aluminum profile. It is covered with a black oven-baked epoxy paint. The front panel is made of 4 mm anti-UV polycarbonate for maximum protection. The assembly is completely removable for simplified maintenance. Our displays are CE EN12966 certified.

Protected displays:

Our displays are protected behind a polycarbonate wall on the front.

Ease of use and maintenance

Easy to use, our VMS trailer makes the work of operators easier, both on the road and in the workshop. A simple, lockable box brings together all the power supplies. Access to the displays is by opening the rear door of the box.

Control unit

The modularity of the VMS trailer allows control by different systems locally or remotely: encoder wheel, local control box with LCD screen, updates via USB key, remote control via 4G modem, supervision software, etc.

Single axle trailer 750 kg

Ref : 32775
Single axle trailer, 4 lines of 12 characters, character height 200 mm, 3 LEDs per point.

Photovoltaic option for VMS trailer

Ref : 54595
Solar power supply option :600 W photovoltaic panel.