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Maxime Daspre

Technical Sales Representative département Signalisation chantier, véhicule et permanent
Assembly of a fixed part (A14 steel panel with warning arrows, and a matrix panel with a high intensity LED display), on-board a trailer.

Single axle chassis of 750kg.
Manual stabilizers / Parking brakes / Inertial breaking / Adjustable height drawbar.
4 stands for manual stabilization.
Hot-galvanized steel structure, chassis and mechanisms.
Semi-automated jockey wheel lifting, spring blocking, and reinforced tyre wheel.

Picto Bichrome display:
Bichrome matrix display box, size 1550x1550mm.
56x56 points resolution (3136 yellow LEDs and 3136 red high intensity LEDs).
Display of panel codes A, B and KD in 1250mm.

Énergy:  12V operation.
Electricity generators. Plug for charging on mains voltage. Electricity distribution panel with circuit breaker and fuse.

Control electronics:
Coating protected control board, mounted in waterproof cabinet.

Control unit:
Message selection with thumb wheel.
Automatic light intensity adjustment (day/night cell).

With portable computer (not included).
Software is provided on CD ROM with a linking cable.

Bichrom pictographic single axis trailer

Ref : 39767
Structure:Single axle chassis of 750kg.Manual stabilizers / Parking brakes / Inertial breaking / Adjustable height drawbar.4 stands for manual stabilization.Hot-galvanized steel structure, chassis and mechanisms.Semi-automated jockey wheel lifting, spring blocking, and rei...
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