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Bianca Vamvu

Sales Representative in "temporary, on-board and permanent signals" Department
New generation trailer with LED optics, specifically designed for traffic guidance of mobile sites and urgent work on roads and motorways.
Galvanised 750 kg chassis
The 750 kg chassis made entirely of galvanised steel can be towed by a light vehicle with no special licence required. 
It is equipped as standard with an adjustable-height draw-bar and a self-braking system.
Long operational endurance
With its 2 batteries each of 200 Ah, the FLR Trailer can achieve a record operational endurance of 150 hours.
100% LED technology
The optics of diameter 200 mm are made up of a lighting element with 80 high-luminosity yellow SMC 5 mm LEDs. This lighting element is integral with an ABS bowl.
The front part is protected by a transparent lens made of polycarbonate (high impact resistance).
There is guaranteed water-tightness between the polycarbonate lens and the bowl provided by a circular seal. 
The assembly is fully demountable.
Simplicity of use
Simple and user-friendly, our FLR trailer makes operators' lives easier, both on the road and in the workshop. A 230V cable reel provides permanent storage for the re-charging cable. A simple lockable box holds all the supply components.
The FLR is deployed using local control or from a remote panel. 
New control cabinet
New design and electronics build in our local control cabinet. A digital display enables a clear real time communication between the user and the equipment.
LED indicators are displaying the actual message at the back of the trailer, even from long distance.


Ref : 25878
Single axle trailer.

FLR radio control panel as option

Ref : 35514
Radio control panel