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04/23/2024 - A refreshing week at the Intertraffic 2024 show, what a pleasure to see you again!

The TTS sales team is back from Intertraffic 2024 in Amsterdam, the flagship event for those involved in our activities. A big thank you to everyone who made this experience possible and enriching.

Our temporary signaling products, with our construction site traffic light as the “guest star”, have attracted numerous visitors from all continents. Likewise, our embedded and vehicle solutions have attracted great interest
It was a very refreshing week, we had the chance to exchange inspiring ideas, and above all to meet passionate professionals sharing our vision.

Appointment is made for 2026...

TTS sur le salon Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024

11/30/2023 - a big thank you for your visit to our stand at the Salon of Mayors and Local Authorities 2023

A big thank you to everyone who came to our stand during the 2023 edition of the Mayors and Local Authorities / Parkopolis Show!

Your presence made this event exceptional, and we were delighted to share our innovations and solutions with you. Our rewarding green traffic light as well as our reinforced signaling solutions have been very successful and have aroused a very legitimate interest from elected officials and local decision-makers towards innovative solutions to improve safety in their communities. All these products presented have fueled your interest and our discussions with you.

We are grateful for this unique opportunity to connect, exchange ideas and contribute together to a future of joint projects, and we look forward to seeing you next year.

visite du maire de Carros sur notre site industriel

08/11/2023 Puget-Théniers, user feedback after one year of use of our green-reward traffic lights (micro-regulated variant): total satisfaction of the Town Hall.

A little over a year ago, we managed to resolve a complex problem concerning the installation of micro-regulated green reward traffic lights, in the center of the commune of Puget-Théniers. Unlike a simple case of a green traffic light-reward installed on a single axis, the context forced us to adapt our product to take into account the potential arrival of vehicles on adjacent axes nearby. In addition, this rewarding green traffic light is also a micro-regulated system integrating the management of a pedestrian crossing. Finally, it is installed on a busy road and the municipality wanted a product that would maintain the flow of traffic, while encouraging motorists to respect speed limits.

We managed to technically respond to all the specific constraints of this site, to carry out the town's project. With today, more than a year of feedback, it is undeniable that it is a real success, as confirmed by Mr. Matti, Secretary General to the mayor of Puget-Théniers, who is full of praise. praise for our green traffic light reward: “Our small town is crossed by a busy road, the Grenoble road linking Nice to Digne. Overspeed issues were a real concern for us. After the installation of a set of green traffic lights TTS rewards with the micro-regulated principle for pedestrian crossing, we noticed a radical drop in speed. This light is really educational, because road users are forced to reduce their speed before the light turns green, and they very quickly get used to it, thus preserving the busy nature of this axis. This is a significant success, and our town is much safer than before thanks to these fires. »

More safety for residents without imposing excessive constraints on road users, this is the successful challenge of green-reward traffic lights, and we are very proud, through our products and systems, to contribute on a daily basis to the safety and well-being of all.

solution lumineuse autonome de signalisation de virage dangereux

06/30/2023: Innovative, fully autonomous solution to make safer turns on the roads.

On our roads, bends are often areas at high risk of accidents. In order to improve their visibility and reinforce safety in the most dangerous areas, the installation of cornering light solutions is particularly effective. These devices allow motorists to anticipate the presence of curves, whatever the weather conditions or at night.

TTS innovates thanks to GPS synchronization:
GPS synchronization is the key to this innovation. Indeed, it frees our system from a wired connection between the optics. Without the need for cables, and combined with a viable solar power supply, we are able to offer a totally autonomous product, thus considerably limiting the constraints and costs of installation (civil engineering / lane closure) and operation (electrical subscription ).

Increase road safety through more economical and ecological technological innovations, this is the DNA of TTS!

Thanks to our technological solution, the installation of our synchronized light signaling has never been so simple and economical. No wired connection is necessary and no external power source is required. Our product works totally with the unlimited energy offered by our sun.

Find all our specific turn signaling solutions here.
Do not hesitate to contact us to help make your roads safer.

solution lumineuse autonome de signalisation de virage dangereux

01/30/2023: new range of on-board equipment directly resulting from the concrete needs of our customers in the field.

Very often our customers and partners have expressed this need to us: to have a multi-line Variable Message Sign with standardized displays, compact enough to be installed on the roof of a light vehicle or pick-up.

Generally this type of bulky on-board equipment is installed on a trailer. The lack of flexibility of towed solutions is often a barrier to use, particularly evident in certain rapid interventions. We had to completely rethink the design of such a system and we are happy to have succeeded in producing and delivering this solution in a very short time. True to our credo "TTS the architect of your safety", it is internally through our mechanical, electrical and IT design offices that we have developed our first VMS 1 + 3 lines, with its automatic lifting which transforms without specific user action a classic 1-line VMS into a 4-lines VMS.

This equipment is fully configurable from an ultra-compact control box located in the vehicle's passenger compartment.

Always more possibilities offered for better signage, even more safety on our roads for agents and users.

More information on the 1 + 3 Lines Variable Message Sign


10/19/2022: highlighting TTS responsiveness and quality of services.

Here is a perfect example of what makes the strength of our company. Our client contacted us urgently to equip a prototype truck to automatically pick up traffic cones. After a week of discussions during which TTS proposed various technical solutions, an order was validated. Only three weeks later, the equipment is dispatched (vehicle PMV + full electric fairing 700).

From now on, the cone-collecting machine is equipped with an on-board signaling system: Matrix Variable Message Panel (PMV) with LED displays and a 700 mm (AK5) light triangle with electric lift. The equipment is easily controlled from the cabin of the truck.

All the flexibility and strength of our company are revealed in this case:
Being able to design a tailor-made product perfectly adapted to the needs and constraints of our client in record time.
Being a force of technical proposal to improve the initial request means calling on technical skills that only the experience and expertise acquired by our teams can make possible.
And finally, being able to manufacture and deliver these signaling assemblies in three weeks is a strong sign of our ability to reconcile industrial power and the flexibility of a human-sized company.

What satisfaction to have found the best solution for our client by demonstrating the effectiveness of the deep values ​​and characteristics of our company.

TTS responsiveness and quality of services

02/04/2022: Thank you for visiting our space at Intertraffic 2022.

After 4 years of waiting, since the 2018 edition, "Intertraffic Amsterdam" took place from March 29 to April 01, 2022 in a "world before" context. Particularly awaited and successful edition with many visitors, constructive exchanges, perspectives and a lot of conviviality, particularly on our stand.

For TTS, exhibiting at Intertraffic is a must:

  • Above all, because it's a great way to meet you in real life, and simply exchange.
  • Then because it is the perfect opportunity to present TTS innovations to you, without forgetting the standards of the 3 areas of our core business. For our Permanent On-board Temporary Signaling activity, we obviously presented our TEMPO traffic lights, standard version and solar version. Our solutions dedicated to traffic orientation were also in the spotlight with our radio synchronized scrolling optics and our 5 scrolling optics bar. A latest generation VMS triangle represented our on-board range, while a mast dedicated to our permanent signaling solutions presented our optics, our reinforced LED panels and our Dynamic Police Panels.
  • Finally, quite simply because TTS is a driving force in the fields of light signaling and as such must be present as a leader at the great meeting of road signs.

Appointment is made in 2 years, for Intertraffic 2024 which will be held from April 16 to 19.
Find all the information for this next edition here.

intertraffic 2022

02/09/2022: Provide alternate traffic flows when the main traffic lights are not visible.

Arrow intermediate lights are the newest option for our TEMPO construction traffic light. With it, our range of special site traffic lights is expanding with a particularly intelligent configuration, making it possible to inform of the active direction of traffic with a 2-light alternation.

As part of a 2-light alternation, punctuated by one or more intermediate lanes, the addition of (x) intermediate lights with arrows informs users of these lanes of the active direction of traffic.

The intermediate arrow lights are equipped with 2 LED cupolas constituting arrows (right and left). This precise light signaling allows a secondary axis to engage in complete safety knowing the active direction of passage. The system finds many applications such as: secondary roads in industrial zones, factory exit roads, housing estates, car parks, etc.).
The intermediate arrow lights are self-sufficient in energy thanks to their photovoltaic box and can communicate with each other up to 300m.

04/14/2021: Visit of the mayor of Carros and his first deputy on our industrial site.

Visit of the mayor of Carros Yannick Bernard and his first deputy Yvan Remond on our industrial site. Established since 1998 in the industrial area of Carros, TTS has contributed since its creation to the positive development of the municipality and its social and economic fabric.
The development of dynamic and luminous solutions TTS is resolutely oriented towards innovation, it is in its DNA: temporary signage, vehicle signage, on-board signage, parking signage, systems and solutions dedicated to urban & interurban traffic, to transport, digital signage or more recently towards innovative sustainable mobility solutions, TTS continues to develop through strong and responsible technological choices that contribute every day to improving the world around us at the local and national level.

Find the mayor's post on his visit on his Facebook account from this link.

visite du maire de Carros sur notre site industriel


10/27/2020: Proud that our products are used daily to protect and secure ...

We are fully aware that our products are not "accessories", but safety equipment which has the daily mission of securing and protecting. To do this, they must meet strict requirements for reliability and durability. Since its inception, our company has placed these requirements at the heart of our Research & Development approach, in order to provide you with ever more reliable and resistant products, thus meeting the requirements of today's road professionals.

synoptique feux tempo spécifiques


01/09/2020 : Implementation of a system of specific mobile behavioral lights with detection of red crossing and reporting of information.

Thank you to the Le Gouessant company for trusting us to secure its industrial site against overspeeding thanks to the TEMPO lights, speed radar options and red crossing detection.
The operation of the system derives from that of the mobile behavioral lights adapted to an intersection (3 lights), with sanction of the offending user if he arrives too quickly, but also if he crosses the red light. In fact, in addition to remaining red if the vehicle arrives with excessive speed, each light has a detector capable of identifying the crossing to red and sends information back to the video surveillance system, thus making it possible to identify violating the rules of the site.
synoptique feux tempo spécifiques
tempo avec option détection de franchissement au rouge


Theft protection accessories

Specific solutions adapted to your needs

The protective cage is an additional security for your light, it prevents vandalism or theft of the battery and the traffic light.
The bottom plate has 4 holes of 12mm diameter in order to be itself anchored to the ground by anti-theft screws and to block any possibility of theft of the entire lamp.

Learn more

The arm covers the cover of the battery compartment thus preventing its opening and the theft of the battery.

In addition, the arm traps the front wheel, preventing the tempo traffic light from rolling like a wheelbarrow, and thus making it difficult to move it.

Learn more

Thanks for your visit to our stand on Intertraffic 2018

C'était "LE" rendez-vous incontournable pour notre département Signalisation Temporaire, Embarquée et Permanente.

C'est donc avec un grand plaisir que notre équipe commerciale vous a accueilli sur notre stand en plein cœur du hall SAFETY. Ce fut L'occasion de vous retrouver ou de vous rencontrer, vous présenter nos produits et nos innovations pour une signalisation routière toujours plus actuelle et adaptée aux besoins des utilisateurs.

Une belle semaine faite de rencontres et retrouvailles, merci de votre visite.

TTS wins the INTER TRAFFIC AMSTERDAM Innovation Award 2014

Avril 2014 - TTS wins the INTER TRAFFIC AMSTERDAM Innovation Award 2014.

TTS won the "InterTraffic INNOVATION AWARD 2014" for its TEMPO SOLAIRE construction light.
TTS innovation at the service of the user and the environment.

We have a credo: "The world is changing, TTS is innovating":
This prize therefore rewards our commitment to the development of new solutions for safety and signaling, we maintain a level of requirements where innovation takes its place.

Access the official page : "Winners Innovation Award 2014"