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Florence Fortet
Signalisation des chantiers, des vehicules

Attachée commerciale département Signalisation chantier, véhicule et permanent

Yannick Chiavelli

Commercial Director

" TTS, I fell inside when I was a child. " 
The company I saw it being born and I witnessed its growth. From the Test and After-Sales service, to the Head of Production, through to logistics, I crossed all the layers of the company. 
Today I am responsible for the " On-board systems, Temporary and Permanent Signalling” department, with a dynamic commercial, technical,  logistic and industrial team behing me. Our goal  is to be attentive to our customers requests, to be a force of proposal, and to offertheir the products and services that best meet our customers’ needs. “
Yannick Chiavelli

Florence  Fortet

Sales Representative in "Temporary, on-board and permanent signals" Department

« I love my job, I love my customers »
Working for TTS since 2001, Florence is passionate about her job. Sales assistant for road work security and vehicles signalling equipement , she is your contact if you are a rental company or a retailer.

Florence always offers solutions, and assist  her customers who have special requirements.

Much more than just being your sales contact, Florence wishes to put in place real professional relationships with her customers, with mutual trust, and availability for your satisfaction.
Florence Fortet


Technical Sales Representative


Julien Chiavelli

Logisitics Manager



After-Sales Service Manager


Christophe Redouane

Temporary traffic light After Sales services

Boris Buffoli
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