Bianca Vamvu

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URBAN Picto Full-Color Trailer

URBAN Picto Full-Color Trailer

Assembly consisting of a folding panel, fitted with high-intensity Full-Color LED matrix displays, and a fixed part (sheet metal panel made up of warning chevrons), mounted on a trailer.
Small trailer 2370 x 1294 mm (dimensions excluding drawbar), which can be installed in a standard parking space

Single axle chassis 1300 kg.
Manual stabilizers / Parking brake / Overrun braking / Height-adjustable drawbar.
4 manually stabilized crutches.
Structure, frame and mechanisms in hot-dip galvanized steel. Jockey wheel with semi-automatic lifting and spring locking, reinforced tire.
Panel support structure in thermo-lacquered steel. Foldable using an electric cylinder for deployment assistance. Locking in folded and unfolded position.

Affichage Picto Full-Color
Full-Color matrix graphics box 16 million shades. Display size 1024 x 1280 mm. Definition 64 x 80 points (i.e. 5120 Full-Color LEDs with high light intensity).

Text only display:
• 7 lines of 9 characters character height 112 mm.

Pictogram display + text:
• Pictogram range 700 + 3 lines of 9 characters character height 112mm.
• Pictogram range 1000 + 2 lines of characters character height 112mm.

• Any type of image of 64 X 80 pixels max.

12 Volt operation. Generator. Power socket for mains charging. Distribution panel with circuit breaker and fuse.

Remote control: Slot + power supply for Cisco 4G router (router not supplied)
Local control: Ip socket on Cisco router / basic local control software for PC compatible computer.

Automatic brightness management (day/night cell).