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Jerôme Sepval
Signalisation parking

Responsable département Systèmes de Signalisation Parking


We offer a range of sheet signs ideal for non-luminous signage on the wall, suspended or on a pole.
The dropped edge sheets from our Alu Box range are both aesthetic and robust. 
They are suitable for both vehicle signage and pedestrian signage.


The sheet metal advantages :

• It is suitable for both vehicle and pedestrian signage. RAL 5002 blue sheet metal panel
• Made from aluminum sheets from 1 to 3 mm thick.

The applied decorations are made up of:

• Long Life adhesives from the Mactac, Hexis, Graffitach, 3M ranges, tinted in the mass for better color rendering.
• In digital eco-solvent printing.

Characteristics of the Alu Box shelf sheet :


Edges dimensions20 mm by default
Sheet thicknessAdapted to size
Fixing methodsWall (screwing, angles, flag)
On mast (necklaces, flag)
On railing
OptionsPolyester powder coating
Panel with or without bottom
Panel with double fallen edges
Single or double sided decor
Anti-UV or anti-graffiti laminating
Frame reinforcement
Mounting brackets

 Detailed cross-section of the sheet with fallen edges :

Processus fabrication décors tôle bords tombés

 References and standard dimensions:
* For any other custom dimension: contact us
 Single sideDouble sided
Dimensions (mm)20 mm edges20 mm edges
300 x 300Ref : ALB0001Ref : ALB0009
Small Rectangular
 Single sideDouble sided
Dimensions (mm)20 mm edges20 mm edges
450 x 550 Ref : ALB0002Ref : ALB0010
800 x 200Ref : ALB0003Ref : ALB0011
Large Rectangular
 Single sideDouble sided
Dimensions (mm)20 mm edges20 mm edges
1000 x 200Ref : ALB0004Ref : ALB0012
1300 x 200Ref : ALB0005Ref : ALB0013
Fee schedule, services Panneau tarifaire - tôle bords tombés
 Single side
Dimensions (mm)20 mm edges
400 x 1600Ref : ALB0006
400 x 1200Ref : ALB0007

 Single side
Dimensions (mm)20 mm edges
2 500 x 400Ref : ALB0008

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