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Jerôme Sepval
Signalisation parking

Responsable département Systèmes de Signalisation Parking



Fixed or pivoting height limitation gantries

The gantries serve as an information medium indicating the limitations and prohibitions in the area concerned, or support a pediment indicating the name of your car park. Pivoting, they also allow access to vehicles of large sizes for maintenance or other interventions.


Our frames are made of steel, zinc polished or galvanized, to choose from, and thermo-lacquered to the desired shade in the RAL range.

Circular or square section depending on the desired aesthetic, the latter is adapted by us to the width of the track to be protected. The height of the gantry can be adapted to the desired limitation or greater than the latter in order to suspend a template bar.

The gantries can be used as information support such as limitations and prohibitions in the area concerned or support a pediment indicating the name of the parking lot.

For lanes where the exceptional access of vehicles exceeding the authorized height our gantries can be pivoted with a padlock lock.

The anchor jigs are supplied with the gantries for the realization of the concrete blocks.


Gauge bars

The gauge bar is recommended for managing, protecting and limiting access to traffic by large vehicles, on a private road, a public thoroughfare or the entrance to a car park.
Diameters 60 to 90 mm in aluminium or steel, they are fitted with retro-reflective strips for perfect visibility.

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