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Jerôme Sepval
Signalisation parking

Responsable département Systèmes de Signalisation Parking


Flexible Markers

Flexible beacons help to mark out the lanes.Made of flexible plastic, they return to their original shape following a shock.The beacons are NF approved.They have two retro-reflective film strips to optimize their visibility at night.+Our expertise according to your expecta...

Self-Lifting Markers

The self-lifting beacons make it possible to delimit the lanes without risk of deterioration despite repeated impacts from vehicles.The advantages of these tags are:     Their articulation, which allows them to return to their initial position after an impact     Their fixing syst...

Fixing Accessories for Markers

Universal wafer for flexible beacon :Fixed by gluing and ideal for all surfaces, this base can receive the beacon without damaging the support.Anchor stud :It allows to fix the beacon by simple screwing on a good ground. It must be completed with Hilti bonding resin for fixing on po...
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