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Standard Signpost Signs

Our range of standard dynamic signpost housings consists of rounded corner housings and arrow housings. They may include both dynamic housings and static housings for road housings.

Optimally aesthetic with its through-pole, this mechanism also means that there is no visible cable, thereby improving safety.

Certified displays

Our dynamic signpost signs are made from certified directional urban furniture, into which we integrate our range of displays, also certified. You thus benefit from a double guarantee of compliance with road regulations.

The most common dimensions are 1900 x 500 mm with 140 mm and 160 mm high displays or 1600 x 400 mm with 125 mm high displays, depending on the available space and legibility distance.

Certified Furniture Range

Bent aluminium sign with through-pole, the assembly is manufactured according to standard EN12966.
This solution is recommended for urban installations.

DEDALE Parking Supervisor

Dynamic parking signposting is a specific application in the field of dynamic signage. Dédale is the TTS application dedicated to piloting a dynamic signposting system. 
In continuous development for many years, this software brings together all the essential functions for the management of your system.


Adapt to All Transmission Networks

We integrate all types of transmission networks.  Our system transmits the information to the signs via wired (copper, fibre) or wireless (radio, GPRS, etc.) transmission means.
In the same city, we can mix several technologies depending on the existing infrastructure.


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