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Nadia Toudert

Sales Representative in "Parking Systems Signalling" Department

Digital Signage for Content Dedicated to Parking

Digital signage, with its extraordinary potential, has firmly established itself in the urban landscape. As a contributor to the technological developments that accompany our line of business, for a number of years we have been offering you a range of full-colour display signage offering a major development in communication potential. 
In order to combat visual pollution, these signs make it possible to group together parking information and municipal information.
TTS offers you a range of standard formats or adapts the format to your needs.

Technological reliability and software expertise

Thanks to the reliability of our display technology, successfully proven over time, and our software capable of relaying metering information via this type of medium, we offer digital technology signs for the display of parking information, offering real dynamics and detailed intelligence in signage and direction.

Our offer is based on “turnkey” applications and solutions. TTS offers global solutions including media, means of distribution, software, maintenance, monitoring, and training. Optionally, financial hire and insurance of the equipment.

parking supervisor

Dynamic parking lot staking constitutes a specific application in the field of dynamic signage.
DEDALE Visiopark is the TTS application dedicated to controlling a dynamic staking system. DEDALE VISIOPARK allows complete supervision of the occupancy of your car parks and signaling furniture.

In perpetual evolution for many years, this software brings together all the essential functions for the management of your system.

Originally, DEDALE Visiopark software is compatible with counting extensions instead. Even without equipping the entire site, this solution will make it possible to count, for example, places for people with reduced mobility, electric vehicles and other reserved places.

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Manage digital signage

With the rise of full-colour digital signage, car park signage media are no longer only intended to relay metering information, but also promotional, advertising or emergency communication messages. This type of display offers great perspectives and is now very simple. 

In order to display the right content at the right time, our software makes it very easy to plan media distribution In addition, our system can also trigger a scenario automatically.

Capable of broadcasting videos, images, text... Our software is also capable of displaying dynamic content and flows from our DEDALE parking supervisor. Our software is therefore often combined in order to display mixed content, by offering, for example, an ad (municipal/advertising...) and parking information alternately or simultaneously (multi-zoning).

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Digital Dynamic Car Park guidance Panel - Single side

Ref : 57153
Our specific staking sets with Full-Color displays offer unparalleled flexibility to effectively meet all your needs. They make it possible to completely adapt the content to respond to all possible scenarios.With its universal format and the sober and elegant design of its furnitur...

Digital Dynamic Car Park guidance Panel - DOUBLE SIDED

Ref : CEL 113
Our specific staking sets with Full-Color displays offer unparalleled flexibility to effectively meet all your needs. They make it possible to completely adapt the content to respond to all possible scenarios.Our double-sided IMAGE panel allows communication on both axes of circulatio...

Exemples of creations

Panneau specifique Full-Color Gap
Panneau specifique Full-Color Gap
Gap - panneau double face
Panneau specifique Full-Color Strasbourg
Panneau specifique Full-Color Bâle
Panneau specifique Full-Color Lorient
Panneau specifique Full-Color La Plagne
La Plagne
Panneau specifique Full-Color Carros
Panneau specifique Full-Color Nice
Panneau specifique Full-Color les Arcs
Les Arcs
Panneau specifique Full-Color Val d'isere
Val d'Isère
Panneau specifique Full-Color Grenoble
Panneau specifique Full-Color Hopital de Lyon
Hopital de Lyon