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Corinne Peres

Assistant in "Parking Systems Signalling" Department

Specific Signpost Signs

We also offer specific signpost signs to effectively meet all your needs. Our technical and graphic design office adapts the furniture to your image and your needs, with square corner housings, IP 56, one-piece integrating directional information to several car parks, integrated electronics with matrix, three-colour, four-colour, RGB or full-colour displays.

Specific Furniture and Displays

Adapted to your graphical specifications, to economic constraints or to a specific need, we design and produce your customised housings.

The displays offered range from monochrome 80 mm to full-colour signs for unrivalled flexibility.

2 Specifics Furniture Range

Our ENDURO mechanical solutions are the fruit of TTS expertise acquired in the most hostile contexts of road signs, passenger information, car parking... 

Ideal for very harsh environments such as high mountains, seaside and hurricane zones, its durability has been proven for many years all over the world.

They have LNE certification from the national metrology and testing laboratory and have IP56 protection rating.

The boxes of the Premium TTS range have helped to establish the quality of our products with our different customers. Available in all formats and suitable for both indoors and outdoors, they allow elegant and careful integration of our electronics, our backlighting systems, or mixed solutions.

DEDALE Parking Supervisor

Dynamic parking signposting is a specific application in the field of dynamic signage. Dédale is the TTS application dedicated to piloting a dynamic signposting system. 
In continuous development for many years, this software brings together all the essential functions for the management of your system.


Adapt to All Transmission Networks

We integrate all types of transmission networks.  Our system transmits the information to the signs via wired (copper, fibre) or wireless (radio, GPRS, etc.) transmission means.
In the same city, we can mix several technologies depending on the existing infrastructure.


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