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Jerôme Sepval
Signalisation parking

Responsable département Systèmes de Signalisation Parking


Manage traffic flows

The device manages vehicle priorities in a two-way ramp, not allowing vehicles to cross.

Basic solutions:

Scenario 1 : A vehicle is heading towards the exit at traffic light no. 2. The vehicle is detected. Traffic light no. 1 then turns red. Traffic light no. 2 remains red for an adjustable period of time (TRB), then changes to green for the green exit light time (VPD) which can also be set. After VPD, traffic light no. 2 goes back to red. Traffic light no. 1 stays red during TRB, then defaults back to green. 

Scenario 2 : Several vehicles appear in the direction of the exit. Same as scenario 1. Each time a new vehicle is detected in the direction of the exit, the VPD time is not increased.

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