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Jerôme Sepval
Signalisation parking

Responsable département Systèmes de Signalisation Parking


Collect relevant data

The credibility of a dynamic signposting system, a car park entrance count or a level count is linked to the relevance of the data displayed. We carry out complete metering with our automated systems or partial metering with toll system metering, or via their own specific solutions.
Today we have software and hardware interfaces with all the parking management systems.

Linking the dynamic display systems to the counting loops and / or access banners, these interfaces allow the counting and display of the spaces available in a car park.
Automate de comptage et de gestion parking

You thus have the parameters relating to your car parks as to the frequency and the rate of occupancy of spaces. You can therefore react accordingly to streamline your parking lot.

 Metering interface & light ramp management automaton:
Control by 230V power supply. The green arrow symbol, according to your needs, can be oriented in four directions (arrow up,
bottom, left and right).
Interface Parkingréférence
Interface de comptage parkingRef : CEL0098
Interface de comptage parkingRef : CEL0099
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