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Island point warning lights: Éclipses


Ref : 1707

The rows of LEDs on the circumference work as a fixed positioning light. The central part works as a flashing light during bad weather.
Dome Ø 250 in gray lacquered cast aluminium, IP55. 300 yellow LEDs arranged in 2 parts (crown and central part)
General information
The Eclipse light is made of epoxy lacquered cast aluminium.
The adjustment of its orientation is both radial and axial over 15°.
No tools are required for its maintenance.

The luminous element is composed of 2 parts: crown and glow, comprising a total of 300 leds.
The crown controlled by the night lighting is a fixed beaconing light. It has 80 high intensity amber LEDs (5 candelas).
The central part is a flashing light operating during bad weather. It has 220 high intensity amber LEDs (5 candelas).

The ignition control of each part is done by dry contact.
An input allows the island lights to be synchronized with each other

Each Eclipse light has its own control card. By wired link a set, whatever its number, is self-synchronized.
Energy is provided by a 220/12 volt power supply and an optional 7A/h battery, allowing the unit to operate for 4 hours in the event of a mains problem.

Each unit has an acknowledgment which, in the event of a fault (absence of voltage, control irregularity), sends information on the overall operation back to the central station.

The entire installation on a toll station can be controlled manually or automatically by suitable sensors.

For the toll collector, the Eclipse light has control lights indicating various states, mains presence, battery voltage, flash rhythm control.
Technical specifications
Operating Mode Fixe ring and partie centrale en éclat
Power supply 230-Volt
Autonomy 270 mA under 230 V
Protection IP 66
Weight 11 Kg.
Size (L x l x h) 250 x 390 x 380 mm
Options secured power battery

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