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Bianca Vamvu

Sales Representative in "temporary, on-board and permanent signals" Department

Ultra-flat light bars - ALPHA -

Ultra-flat light bars : height 50 mm

ORANGE ULTRA-FLAT LIGHT BAR - 12/24V, 355 mm, magnetic

Ref : 36593
Compact light bar, delivered with cable and 3 position switch on cigarette lighter plug.

Ultra-flat light bars - EPSILON -

Rampes plates 59 mm.

Flat light bars : height 59 mm

ULTRA-FLAT LIGHT BAR - 36 leds - height 59 mm - lenght 1080 mm

Ref : 39953
This ultra low profile light bar, length 1080mm, is composed of 36 yellow power LEDS.A blank central text space (448mm), on both sides, with editable application defined text.

Specific Ultra-flat light bars

We can modulate our lightbars to your needs.
Consult us for specific requirements.

We can adapt the size of our lightbars  for a better fit into the vehicle, and offers you specific functionning mode, colors and polycarbonate lenses that suits your requests.

ULTRA-FLAT LIGHT BAR - 60 leds - height 59 mm - lenght 1252 mm

Ref : 39954
2-in-1: A scrolling light bar at the back, and a light bar at the front and rear of the vehicle. 12 blocks of 3 amber LEDs, 18 LEDs on the front and 18 LEDs on the back. 2 blocks of 6 wide-angle amber LEDs on each side.