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The Integral: Classic and Streamlined

Two orange LED beacons

Ref : 29030

Two orange LED beacons<br />

General information
The streamlined Integral Classic can be completed with a kit of two LED rotating beacons.

These two rotating beacons are mounted on aluminum brackets which will be attached to each side of the faired Integral Classic.

These legs will be painted the same color as the triangle fairing.

White epoxy paint by default.

LED beacon composed of a cover and a flat base in cast aluminum alloy and an orange polycarbonate lens. Which makes it very resistant to shocks.

The aluminum cover and base are painted anti-UV and anti-corrosion black. It is made up of 12 high power LEDs.
Operation in rotating mode.
This beacon is dual voltage 12-24 volts direct.
This rotating beacon is approved according to R65 and CEM R10 regulations.

Technical specifications
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