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The Integral: Classic and Streamlined

INTEGRAL Streamlined Classic 500 - Manual Lift

Ref : 29112

INTEGRAL Streamlined Classic 500 - Manual Lift
The streamlined Classic integral is an integrated system in a painted aluminum fairing. It is very convenient to install and use.
General information

Triangle: It is made of anodized aluminum and consists of two AK5 500 mm class 2 panels assembled back to back. It is mounted on a double-acting hinge which allows the triangle to tilt forwards or backwards. The light element is made up of three extra flat optics Ø 72 mm on each side. Each light has 12 yellow leds of high light intensity and is protected by a magnifying lens.

The lifespan of a led is more than 100,000 hours.

The triangle is in dual voltage, it can be supplied with 12 volts as well as 24 volts without changing the lights.

Fairing: Its structure (chassis and fairing) is made of aluminum. The epoxy paint on the fairing is white by default (if another color desired, specify the RAL when ordering).

Fixing: Basically, the fixing of this set is magnetic via three magnets. Authorized speed up to 130 km / h with the triangle folded down and up to 70 km / h with the triangle raised. It can be glued using the "adhesive fixing kit" option in reference 29053.

This equipment is supplied with a 10 meter power cable with a cigarette lighter plug.

Technical specifications
Operating Mode Double flash.
Power supply 12 à 24 Volts.
Autonomy 100 mA sous 12 Volts.
Protection IP 44.
Weight 10 Kg.
Size (L x l x h) 785 x 643 x 120 mm.
Options Kit fixation adhésive, kit 2 gyrophares à leds, kit 2 projecteurs à leds, kit rabattement manuel.
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