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The Integral: Classic and Streamlined

INTEGRAL Streamlined Classic 500 - Electric Lift

Ref : 29963

INTEGRAL Streamlined Classic 500 - Electric Lift
The Streamlined Classic integral With a 500 mm triangle and electric lift is an integrated system in a painted aluminum fairing. It is very convenient to install and use.

General information
Triangle: It is made of anodized aluminum and is composed of two AK5 500 mm class 2 panels assembled back to back. The light element is made up of three extra flat optics Ø 72 mm on each side. Each light has 12 yellow leds of high light intensity and is protected by a magnifying lens. The lifespan of a led is more than 100,000 hours. The triangle is in dual voltage, it can be supplied with 12 volts as well as 24 volts without changing the lights.

Electric lifting: Its structure (frame and fairing) is made of aluminum. An electric cylinder allows the triangle to be folded into the fairing. When the triangle is raised, the optics are in operation. The epoxy paint on the fairing is white by default (if another color desired, specify the RAL when ordering).

Fixing: Basically, the fixing of this set is magnetic via three magnets. Authorized speed up to 130 km / h with the triangle folded down.

It can be glued using the "adhesive fixing kit" option in reference 29053. It is necessary for this equipment to add an adhesive fixation (permanent).

This equipment is supplied with a 10 meter power cable and is controlled by a 1 switch kit with 15A protection.

Technical specifications
Operating Mode Double flash.
Power supply 12 à 24 Volts.
Protection IP 44.
Options Kit fixation adhésive, kit 2 gyrophares à leds, kit 2 projecteurs à leds.
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