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Signalisation parking

Responsable département Systèmes de Signalisation Parking


Research Department

Standard... Custom

From the outset, we have designed and produced parking signage furniture. To achieve this objective, we are at your side to accompany you on-site to find suitable  solutions. Active from the taking of the survey, to the installation of the equipment, and through all the stages that accompany the completion of a project :

Formulation of a suitable commercial proposal / Design office design/Supply / Industrialisation/Shipping / Installation/Maintenance.


Study Services - From standard ... to tailor-made

From standard... to tailor-made

Do you have graphical specifications? Our graphic designers implement them by adapting them, if necessary, to the specificities of the site.

Otherwise, TTS offers you the creation of a visual identity in your image. From the choice of colours to fonts, we accompany and advise you in the respect of the standards relating to private or public car parks.


The TTS Parking Design and Signage Office

Since 1992, we have carried out more than 8000 parking signage projects and even today we put all our know-how at your service to make your projects a success.

Our expertise in the implementation of luminous (Led it GREEN™ technology) or non-luminous signage and in dynamic display, through the study of accident-prone areas, management of routing and counting, compatibility with access control, is a essential point for enhancing your parking heritage.
Our design office identifies your wishes and defines, with you, your needs to guide your achievement.
What image do you want to give? What signature do you want to add to your signage? What budget do you plan to devote to it? These are all problems that we solve by your side.
We support you in the realization of your signage project by adapting to your charter, by creating a visual identity or a new design while respecting your budget.
In order to help you in your decision-making, various proposals, suggestions, models, layouts, simulations, scenario proposals, photomontages, recommendations, will be presented to you in order to conceptualize your signage.

The services of our Design and Signage Office :
  • Creation of graphic charter      
  • Signage creation
  • Study of vehicle and pedestrian traffic flows on site
  • Study of the integration of signage into the environment
  • Consulting in project management assistance
  • Definition of needs and realization of CCTP specifications
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