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Nadia Toudert

Sales Representative in "Parking Systems Signalling" Department

The car park which is not the end of the road

Many cities decide to set up car parks on the outskirts, combined with public transport solutions for getting to the centre.

The development of a relay car park is based on the laudable intention of limiting traffic flows in cities, by encouraging the use of public transport and thus limiting pollution from vehicles in transit.

Users will have to finish their journey by bus, train, metro or other means and must be guided efficiently to the parking spaces.

Collect aggregate and partial data

Our data collection systems retrieve the number of free spaces directly from the parking management systems or via our own specific solutions.

The combination of our detection solutions, our supervision software, and our various display solutions allow us to guide you to available spaces specific to the different levels of your car park.

In order to invite the user to access a parking space allowing them to continue their journey stress-free, the entry signage for relay parking often indicates the capacity information for the specific spaces.