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Signalisation parking

Responsable département Systèmes de Signalisation Parking


Smart City - Intelligent Parking

Supervise your parking lots !

* Limit the time to search for a parking space
* Optimize the filling rate of your parking lot
* Offer your customers privileged services
smart city 
Information tools and dynamic guidance
smart cities 
Data mining
On-street parking / Parking Lots


smart city 
Internet and smartphone data Centralization. 

  For you, the car park manager :
  • Better filling rate of available places.
  • Greater rotation and traffic flow in the car park.
  • Reduction in traffic jams, accidents and CO2 emissions.
  • Access to reliable parking analysis data.
  • Optimization of investments.
  For your visitors :
  • Save time to find a vacant place.
  • Less stress.
  • An environment favorable to the visit.
  • Access to more personalized services.

For your shop
  • Increase in store visits.
  • Increase in the average basket of customers.



On the outskirts of the shopping center, the motorist is informed in real time of the free spaces thanks to a dynamic staking device, by zones and by parking.


Near the commercial space, a dynamic totem can be installed to inform about the availability of places by zones or by levels. If the location allows, MEDIATHEM furniture can be installed.
This broadcasting system gives the possibility of displaying all kinds of informative content (advertisements, promotional offers, weather, ...)


At the entrance of each zone, a small aisle totem informs in real time of the number of places available.


The visitor can head confidently to a vacant place indoors or outdoors.


Smartphone or website type applications allowing real-time availability of parking, by sector or by category of space.
  • Possibility of offering specific smartphone applications for your car park, shopping center, shopping malls (find a vehicle, view the occupancy of spaces in real time).
  • Possibility of fitting out Premium zones with personalized welcome using badges.
  • System financing or long-term rental solutions.
   Detections solutions :
A real guidance and counting tool instead, VISIO’PARK MARKET is accompanied by the best equipment on the market: Sensit dual technology pads and FYP ultrasonic sensors that allow fast, clear, efficient and precise information transmission.

OUTDOOR parking :
The SENSIT data mining
The SENSIT pad makes it possible to effectively detect the presence of a vehicle on a parking space.
Easy to install and commission, the system is based on a self-regenerating wireless mesh network. Accuracy greater than 98%. Durability in operation noted on site: 8 to 10 years.

Stationnement INTÉRIEUR
The FYP ultrasonic data mining
The ultrasonic sensor consists of a single detection / indication unit.
The simplicity of its implementation lies in its installation at the "front" of the space and does not require intervention directly below the vehicle (minimized operating constraints).

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