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Signalisation parking

Responsable département Systèmes de Signalisation Parking


Supervise the parking of your logistics sites


 VISIO'PARK Active, supervise the parking of your logistics sites!

  For you, site manager :
  • Streamline the traffic of heavy goods vehicles and light vehicles on your logistics, industrial and hospital sites.
  •  Optimize the turnover rate on your sites.
  • Find out the parking times at the dock or on a site.
  • Identify incoming and outgoing vehicles using the license plate reader.
  • Know in real time the presence of vehicles on the site.
  • Manage multiple sites in real time.

  For your vehicle fleets:
  • Communicate to your drivers the available spaces upon their arrival.
  • Guide drivers to their loading and unloading docks.
  • Direct users and visitors to vacant places quickly.
  • Ability to manage specific access for emergencies, express deliveries, etc.



At the entrance to a service station, hospital or industrial site, a dynamic display informs in real time of the available spaces by car park and by sector.


Depending on the size of the site, staking furniture can indicate in real time the number of places available by area.


Boxes or aisle totems can be installed to guide the driver or motorist on his route.


The vehicle can confidently head to a place available indoors or outdoors, depending on the site.


A QR Code can even be assigned to you in order to identify in real time the places left vacant and automatically direct the driver, paramedic or other to a free place.


Smartphone or website type applications allowing real-time availability of parking, by sector or by category of space.
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