Nadia Toudert

Sales Representative in "Parking Systems Signalling" Department

Short Stop Terminal


Short stop terminals

In public spaces where parking is very limited, the minute stop terminal allows parking for a programmable limited time of 10 to 40 minutes

It is adapted to the characteristics of the parking space. It can be single or double-sided (the terminal will be single or double-sided terminal).

Presented in the form of a totem pole, it integrates detection and management devices. Its elegance allows a versatile insertion in a modern urban context as well as in historical sites of traditional architecture.

As a complement to our VISIO'PARK solution, the terminal offers a visual detection relay instead,

Our terminals can be supplied with permanent 230V or public lighting (with batteries).

It is equipped with a unique red / green bicolor light for each parking space. The green light indicates the places available. The steady red light informs that the time has passed and the location can be verbalized.

OperationIndicates whether exceeding the authorized time
Supply230 Volts permanent or public lighting
Size(L x l x h)365 x 144 x 1800 mm.