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Ref : 38996

Lighted KR44 arrow   /   8 scrolling chevrons
General information
The KR44 arrow is composed of an aluminum sheet with double flanged edges, matte black colored, with dimensions 1200 x 400 mm, which serves as a contrast screen for the 8 chevron LEDs.
The chevrons are 320 mm height.

The KR44 arrow is fitted with a 3 meter cable, with XLR plug connector.

The chevrons are composed of LEDs, with life spans above 100 000 hours.
The LEDs are assembled in groups of 5 elements, which greatly improves the fault tolerance of the overall lighted sign (a faulty LED only extinguishes a group of 5 LEDs maximum).

The scrolling direction, left or right, is determined by the mounting direction of the KR44 arrow.

The power supply can be delivered by a battery or a mains 230/12V power supply (power supply is not included).

The device can be mounted on its 2 holders (included), or mounted with straps fixed on its back rail (not included – the fixing dimensions are determined by your holder).

The KR44 arrow conforms to the French Interministerial Instruction.
Technical specifications
Operating Mode Scrolling
Power supply 12-Volt battery or 230/12-Volt power supply
Protection IP 65
Size (L x l x h) 1200 x 50 x 400 mm
Options Straps
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