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OPTIC - Ø 210-80 - with theft-prevention attachment -

Ref : 11400

OPTIC - Ø 210-80 - with theft-prevention attachment -<br />
General information
Optic Ø 200mm /80 cabled
With theft-prevention attachment
Technical specifications
250 hours (pour 5 optiques défilantes avec batterie 12V 75 A/h) – 60 mA
Operating Mode Scrolling (double flash and scrolling)
Power supply 12-Volt battery or 230/12-Volt power supply
Autonomy 250 hours (for 5 scrolling optics with 12-Volt 75 A/h battery) – 60 mA
Protection IP 65
Weight 2 Kg. (0,9Kg optique / 1,1 Kg câble)
Size (L x l x h) Ø 222 mm
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