Sandrine Burzynski
Signalisation dynamique

Sales Representative in "Intelligent Transport Systems" Department


Thank you for visiting our space at Intertraffic 2022.

The TTS sales team is back from Intertraffic 2024 in Amsterdam, the flagship event for those involved in our activities. A big thank you to everyone who made this experience possible and enriching.

We were located right in the heart of the ITS space, and our intelligent transportation systems products were particularly highlighted. Faithful to our logic, we exhibited "real products", notably a Full Color Full Matrix panel, identical to those installed on the Parisian highways in anticipation of the Olympics. Very impactful, it made the difference among all the other competing products on display.

It was supported by the presence of our “Intelligent Transport Systems” activity manager, Stéphane Checcaroni, who came to present his new product catalog, that this 2024 edition of Intertraffic took place through meetings and reunions.

Appointment is made for 2026...
TTS sur le salon Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024

TTS: A Visionary Trajectory in ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) for the Paris Olympic Games.

While the spotlight around the world will turn to Paris in 2024, TTS will also participate, at its level, in offering an innovative image of the city.
Our latest generation Variable Message Panels have been selected for signage on the main access routes to the event and will ensure smooth and secure movement of delegations on certain key roads in Paris and its region. Our equipment will leave a lasting legacy in terms of intelligent infrastructure for the city of Paris and more broadly for the entire Île-de-France region.

A prestigious market: the supply of Variable Message Panels specifically installed for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games is a prestigious, highly coveted affair that all signage players wanted to win. Our selection testifies to the reliability of our products, our organizational rigor, and above all the relevance of our strategic choices.

Validation of the Company's Vision: This project illustrates the excellence of TTS' innovation in the field of road signaling equipment, thus validating our pioneering vision. It attests to the accuracy of our investments, our cutting-edge technological developments and the bold choices that propel us today to the leading manufacturer of road signs on the national market.

Expertise and Leadership of TTS: We have obtained our expertise and our leading status by equipping a wide variety of sites, motorways, expressways, national roads, ring roads, tunnels. With at the heart of our success and beyond our technological innovations, our exceptional team of highly qualified professionals, industrial infrastructures that match our ambitions and our agile approach allowing us to meet the most demanding technological and operational challenges and such as those planned for the Olympic Games.

City of Paris, TTS takes up the challenge: to renovate a 25-year-old SES panel in 2 months.

TTS takes up the challenge:
A large number of old dynamic road signaling equipment installed in Paris were supplied by the company SES, which is now shut down. The repair of this equipment is becoming a real headache for the city of Paris and the JCDecaux company in charge of the market for the maintenance of the latter: Lack of interlocutors and spare parts.

Following a renovation proposal made by TTS on 04/10/2022, the city of Paris is challenging us, namely: to renovate, make operational and install the panel on site by the date of 23/11 /2022.

TTS successfully took up this challenge and also supplied a new cabinet.

The renovation process was carried out at TTS's second industrial site, located in Jouy Le Moutier in the Val d'Oise department.

The main stages of this renovation:

• Complete cleaning of the panel.
• Re-sealing, mainly of the doors.
• The study and development of new displays.
• The software development of the VDP protocol.
• Installation of TTS electronics.
• Global compliance.
• The design and construction of a new cabinet.
• Refitting the panel and cabinet.
• The commissioning of the whole.

The installation and commissioning are carried out the night of 23 to 24/11/2022. Everything works as expected.

A8 motorway: installation of lane neutralization pre-marking sequences.

Neutralizing a traffic lane is a particularly sensitive action on the motorway. It obeys strict rules likely to provide maximum safety to users and road agents.

The rotating panels allow the implementation of essential pre-marking sequences to warn the user. They are permanently fixed on either side of the roadway, and are deployed when necessary. Inactive, the panels are parallel to the road, thus delivering no information to users. Once the system is activated, the panels pivot to place themselves in the axis of the road, thus materializing the temporary signage.
Here on the A8, each set is built on the basis of 3 signaling sequences several hundred meters apart, arranged in pairs, on either side of the motorway :

800 m upstream: two sets of AK5 panels equipped with 3 light optics with a diameter of 130.
600 m upstream: two sets of KD10 panels + sign 600 m.
200 m upstream: two sets of KD10 panels + sign 200 m.

ADAPTED TO EACH SITUATION: Each sequence incorporates on its mast the signaling announcing the reduction of the lanes on the left side, or on the right side. The site is thus perfectly pre-equipped.
TOTALLY AUTONOMOUS IN ENERGY: all our sets are overhung by a small solar panel, supplying the motorization and the light signaling.
SIMPLE & SAFE PILOTING: The deployment of the rotating panels can take several forms. In this specific case, the operator activates the sets in complete safety from his service vehicle, and very easily with the remote control.

More information on our rotating panels

Thank you for visiting our space at Intertraffic 2022.

Intertraffic 2022 the must-have edition :

After 4 years of waiting, since the 2018 edition, "Intertraffic Amsterdam" took place from March 29 to April 01, 2022 in a "world before" context. Particularly awaited and successful edition with many visitors, constructive exchanges, perspectives and a lot of conviviality, particularly on our stand.

For TTS, exhibiting at Intertraffic is a must:

  • Above all, because it's a great way to meet you in real life, and simply exchange.
  • Then because it is the perfect opportunity to present TTS innovations to you, without forgetting the standards of the 3 areas of our core business. For our Intelligent Transport Systems activity, we presented our lane neutralization solutions with two often complementary products: the rotating panels which allow pre-marking, and the automatic folding wedge which allows the effective closing of the lane and its neutralization at the circulation.
  • Finally, quite simply because TTS is a driving force in the fields of light signaling and as such must be present as a leader at the great meeting of road signs.

Appointment is made in 2 years, for Intertraffic 2024 which will be held from April 16 to 19.
Find all the information for this next edition here.