Sandrine Burzynski
Signalisation dynamique

Sales Representative in "Intelligent Transport Systems" Department


DEDALE supervision is a complete system

Because isolated dynamic equipment will rarely meet all your requirements. TTS offers a wide range of specialized software and communication systems.
All our software is developed internally using object-orientated programming, and matches the equipments operational requirements. All software can be customised to suit your project.
 supervion is a scalable global system, organized into business software modules dedicated to traffic management, parking, information display, etc.

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Our DEDALE PMV software allows you to manage all types of Variable Message Signs: equipement location, manual control, message library, scenario programming, visualisation of the equipment state, with the possibility of integrating other types of equipments : traffic jam detection, decision support cameras, lane closure systems etc.

Dynamic car-park systems are a specialized application in the field of dynamic signs. Dédale VISIO'PARK is a TTS application designed to manage a dynamic parking space availability system
This software has undergone continuous development over a number of years and includes all the functions that are essential for parking space availability management.

This software is now available in a client-server version with an SQL car-park space database. 

Created to control the distribution of content on our Digital Display Solutions, DEDALE Media is a simple and user-friendly software, the interface is so intuitive that it requires almost no training.
It allows to program the distribution of all types of content with precision, allows the cutting of the display (multi-zoning), allows dynamic management of scenarios ...

Interfaceable with our other DEDALE solutions, this broadcasting solution is available in pc version (direct link or client / server), but is also available in web version (all OS / without installation).
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Advanced software expertise

Our design office includes an internal team dedicated to software research and development. From on-board programming to centralized management, our skills cover the entire spectrum of software development, guaranteeing total control, reliability and efficiency of our signaling systems.
We are committed to understanding the specific needs of our customers to design tailor-made solutions, providing unparalleled flexibility in managing road sign scenarios.

Our DEDALE concept includes operating software, the intelligence embedded in our equipment and the range of IT tools allows us to monitor and maintain the equipments.


Specific software modules

DEDALE supervision, thanks to its customized modules and intelligent software system, integrates specific development bricks, allowing us to pilot, supervise, manage and maintain our systems. Thanks to its customizable modules,  adjusts to the unique requirements of each road network, offering maximum flexibility.

  • Multi OS environment: Windows, Linux.
  • Multi-application remote management-collection interfaces: PMV, camera, all-technology sensors, collection, remote control, etc.
  • Standard and proprietary multi-protocol interfaces: TediLCR, ModBus, NTCIP.
  • Multimedia interfaces: wired, cabled, wireless.

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Heart of the onboard System

Between central supervision and the device lies the embedded software infrastructure. The physical media assemblies, integrating software intelligence, form the heart of the system, ensuring data transmission, deployment, monitoring, and feedback. Our versatile and adaptable embedded solutions use standard protocols like TEDI LCR and MODBUS, facilitating interoperability with all supervisors and hypervisors. Our expertise includes designing maintenance software for rapid identification and efficient resolution of problems. This holistic approach guarantees optimal management of your equipment.

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