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Maxime Chiavelli

Head of TTS DISPLAY department

Maxime Chiavelli

Head of TTS DISPLAY department

Well experienced in the functioning of all our services, I have a perfect knowledge of the procedures for each department of our industrial activities.
Multi-skilled, I am active in the logistics, purchasing, sales and after sales department.
I therefore contribute daily to a smooth running of the company, and especially for the Display activity.

Patrice Bartolini

Chargé de communication  TTS DISPLAY


Sandrine Burzynski

Sales Representative in "Intelligent Transport Systems" Department

«Propose specific solutions and remain responsive»
After succeeding in Business studies, Sandrine joined the TTS team in 2001. Sales assistant in the dynamic and intelligent transport systems department, she manages a large portfolio of customers.

Perfectly bilingual French-English, Sandrine is our representative for our international contacts.

She perfectly knows her department and her sector of activity. Versatile and available, she is able to step in all operational marketing and sales areas : "my daily business is exciting, I love to find solutions, manage individual cases and be force of proposal".


Marilyn Giordan



Rabah Ahmed

Technicien Test, Mise en Service, Service Aprés Vente

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