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Signalisation parking

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The data collector is the interface between the sensors, the relay node and the software. The gateway retrieves real-time status data from individual sensors via the relay node through the wireless mesh network. This data is transmitted to the VISIO'PARK Interface Software.
General information
Automatic data collection
The data collector offers 3G, GPRS and Ethernet communication. It automatically inserts all data received via the hosted server into the VISIO'PARK interface software.

Two-way communication
The gateway enables operation, maintenance and configuration of equipment in the wireless mesh network through two-way communication with all system components.

Event buffer and security
In order to prevent data loss, event buffering is provided by the gateway. Data reliability is guaranteed under all circumstances. All communications between the data collector and the hosted server are encrypted (SSL). The backup functionality for communication with the SIS is provided by switching between the Ethernet connection and the GSM connection.

Backup battery
An optional battery backup is available to ensure the wireless network remains operational even in the event of a power failure. This battery can be connected directly to the gateway. This allows the gateway to connect to a lamppost. An external 12 V solar panel can be connected to the gateway to make it completely self-sufficient.

Technical specifications

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