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Florence Fortet
Signalisation des chantiers, des vehicules

Attachée commerciale département Signalisation chantier, véhicule et permanent


Ref: 40099

General information
The Variable Message Sign mounted on a mobile trolley delivers a clear signal and information to the road users. Its flexibility and ease of installation, as well as its compact overall dimensions on the roadway, allows the sign to be used in all cases.
With the use of its control unit, the sign can display a text selected from a complete listing of prerecorded messages, or any other user edited message.
Technical specifications


  • Matrix display height 125 mm displaying up to 12 characters
  • Yellow LEDs.
  • Polycarbonate UV protection.
  • RAL Classic black matte paint.
  • Enclosure fitted with toggle locks.
  • Fixing gear included.


Control unit :

  • Backlighting for keys.
  • Direct access keys (auxiliary, triangle, VMS).
  • 99 pre-programmed, 3-alternating messages
  • Messages editable with the programming software (included)
  • Messages updated via USB port


General characteristics of the VMS:

  • Voltage: 12 Volt.
  • Size: 1210 x 295 x 220 mm.
  • Height: 1533mm


The VMS mast can be detached from the battery holder case to make transport easier.

Operating Mode Fixed or alternate.
Power supply 12 Volt battery pack or 230/12 Volt power supply.
Autonomy Depending on the message displayed.
Protection IP 65
Weight 55 Kg
Size (L x l x h) VMS : 1210 x 295 x 220 mm VMS on mast + battery holder case > Height : 1533 mm
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