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The relay pad optimizes communication as well as the general reliability of the network. It guarantees the rapid transmission of messages from the vehicle detection sensors to the data collector.
General information
Wireless communication
The 2G relay pad is a device that operates entirely wirelessly. It is thus easy to install on a mast. After installation, no maintenance is necessary for several years.

Self-regenerating network
The sensors follow several transmission paths, ensuring a self-regenerating network.

Assembly instructions
The relay pedestal mounting bracket adapts to any type of mast. It can also be mounted on a wall.

The 2G relay pad should preferably be fixed approximately 3 to 6 meters above the ground, in "line of sight" of the sensors, see figure 1.

On the road: 1 relay pad for around 25 sensors *
Off-street: 1 relay pad for around 40 sensors *
The number of relay terminals to be used depends on the topology of the premises.

* Depending on the topology of the places
Technical specifications

Figure1: position of the relay pad

Figure2: relay pad A in figure 1 in side view

Figure 3 : relay pad B of figure 1 in side view


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