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Signalisation parking

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Ref: 37782

Wireless surface sensors effectively detect the presence of a vehicle in a parking space without complex or time-consuming installation.
They are installed at each parking space. The system is based on a self-regenerating wireless mesh network.
General information
Wireless detection and transmission
The possibility of communication between the pads is a unique feature of the sensor. The system is easy to install and commission. After installation, no maintenance is necessary for several years.
Presence information is transmitted by the sensor to the data collector via a radio link. All the sensors and associated relay pads operate on the principle of the mesh network.

Dual technology detection
The sensors use a detection system by measuring the variation of the Earth's magnetic field, supplemented by an infrared cell. This dual detection system as well as a sophisticated algorithm guarantee an almost infallible detection of vehicles even in the presence of snow, dirt or leaves.
The robust sensor is available in different formats, in order to adapt to all parking spaces, both on the road and in covered spaces.

The system makes it possible to precisely know the occupancy of parking spaces. Integrated in various applications, these sensors can be used both for parking space guidance, parking time control, paid parking optimization, and the supervision of specific spaces (PRM, delivery, taxis, etc. ).

Technical specifications

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