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Totem et écran numérique avec outil dynamique de supervision Mediathem

  is an innovative concept of scalable digital media, animation and programming. Combined with interface software, it allows you to manage your programmable multimedia content freely.

Our multimedia solutions, available indoors or outdoors, will allow you to enhance the reception of your site and its updating with ease. These new display components draw the attention of your target audience, exploit the waiting times of users, personalize your site according to its seasonal news, or even script your internal communication.

Il existe 2 types de mobiliers d’affichage numérique : 

• The boxes are composed of an HD monitor, high-brightness LED and a thermo-regulated waterproof metal casing, which is added for the outdoor versions of the sun filters. Different fixing methods are provided to integrate our boxes into your spaces.
• The totems are the inseparable assembly of an HD portrait format monitor and a waterproof and thermo-regulated metal envelope, incorporating solar protection for the outdoor versions.
Totem et écran numérique avec outil dynamique de supervision Mediathem
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